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Why hire a Personal Trainer in Altea?

A personal trainer is the best option to reach your fitness goals in an effective, safe and affordable way. You’ll have

  • Personal consultation
  • Evaluation
  • Goal setting
  • Tailored training program

1 session/week + Diet plan

150 Payment every 4 weeks
  • Continuous monitoring (4 week cycles)

2 session/week + Diet plan

250 Payment every 4 weeks
  • Continuous monitoring (4 week cycles)
+ Popular

3 session/week + Diet plan

350 Payment every 4 weeks
  • Continuous monitoring (4 week cycles)

4 session/week + Diet plan

425 Payment every 4 weeks
  • Continuous monitoring (4 week cycles)

What does the MrFitMan Altea training programme consist of?

MrFitMan Altea VIP Personal Trainer studio / boutique gym is solely and exclusively managed by Alberto de Nova. With specially selected state of the art equipment, our VIP training room is the most complete and personalised personal training studio in Alicante. We want our customers to receive the best possible experience and obtain a 100% return on their effort and commitment.

Training sessions are COMPLETELY PRIVATE and individualised. There will always be one customer per session (maximum a couple of 2) in order to ensure the exclusivity that the MrFitMan brand offers and the quality of the workouts offered by Alberto de Nov

Have you ever quit the gym? It's more common than you think

Many people think that going for a run or joining a gym will get them exercising regularly, however this is not always the case. Some people prefer to be guided and instructed in a more individual and personal way, something that is more difficult to achieve in regular gyms due to their large number of visitors. When going to the gym for the first time or when exercising without prior experience, it is normal to be a bit lost. Not depending on anything or anyone makes some people feel better and freer. However, for many others the lack of guidance can be a great source of frustration. The lack of knowledge about which exercise is best for specific goals, together with the lack of routine can demotivate people and ultimately lead to giving up. It is estimated that at least 7% of the Spanish population quits the gym after just one month. We do not want you to give up the will to start a healthier and more active life. The best way to avoid this is to have….

mancuerna MrFitMan

Personal trainings in-studio

Personalised VIP training in the most exclusive studio of Altea with continuous progress monitoring.

Tailored Routines Online

Personalised recommendations, routine preparation and monitoring to support training on your own.

Nutritional Consultation

Nutritional recommendations and programme tailored to your needs, totally personalised and individualised.

If you are unable to commit to a workout routine, whether at home or at a gym, a personal trainer can be of great help.


Benefits of entrusting yourself to personal trainer

It’s not just about exercise: The services of personal trainers are not limited to exercising. In fact, they also cover aspects such as nutrition and psychology. Proper diet plays a key role in helping us reach our goals and achieve better physical performance. Psychology helps us keep our motivation and drive high. The combination of these three aspects – nutrition, sport and mind – will improve our mood and ultimately give us a better quality of life.

Personalised workout and nutritional plan

Before starting to exercise, your trainer will create a tailored diet and workout plan adapted to your age, fitness level, lifestyle and goals.

Improve your daily routine

Simply the act of exercising helps to create a routine. A personal trainer can be of greater help, as sessions are planned to suit each person’s lifestyle and habits. This leads to even healthier routines and makes it harder to quit.

You will have far fewer injuries

Performing exercises incorrectly are a common source of injuries, especially if never exercised intensely before. Having a personal trainer at our disposal will prevent accidents, as they will know how to do each exercise in the safest and most effective way.

Higher motivation

Simply having a commitment with another person helps to avoid making excuses to skip our training. Having the support of a qualified professional will make those hard times easier to cope with and keep us motivated.

Optimal results

A professional trainer will always ensure that you make the most out of each workout session. This is why it is not necessary to invest too many hours and can focus on ensuring that your time and effort are well spent.

If you want to make progress without losing motivation, consulting a qualified personal trainer is the best option.

Don’t miss your chance

8 out of 10 slots reserved 80%
Maria Rosa Ruiz Romera
Maria Rosa Ruiz Romera
06:02 04 Jun 20
Maravilloso y espectacular los cambios que se consiguen estoy contentísima con su forma de trabajar
Marta Granger
Marta Granger
20:07 14 Apr 20
Muy buena experiencia con el servicio online! Muy fácil seguir los ejercicios desde la aplicación y un seguimiento muy completo. Estoy muy contenta con los resultados!
Diego Gomez
Diego Gomez
14:17 15 Feb 20
Estoy muy agradecido por el trabajo que Alberto y Ben están haciendo para mejorar mi estado físico. Son dos grandes profesionales, expertos en entrenamiento personal y dietas; todo ello en un sala limpia, agradable, y con los últimos aparatos, garantía para que logres los objetivos que te propongas. Os lo recomiendo
Marisa Alarcon
Marisa Alarcon
22:20 14 Feb 20
Una experiencia totalmente diferente a un gimnasio, aquí es una sala de entretenimiento para uno sólo y con tu entrenador a tu lado guiándote y animándome. Tanto Alberto cómo Ben son dos grandes profesionales que te ofrecen un trato super cercano a la vez que te exigen para sacar lo mejor de tí. Si sigues las dietas enseguida se notan los resultados, yo llevo sólo un mes y ya se pueden ver cambios, es genial! Gracias chicos por el trabajo bien hecho!
Vicente Cientoun Paladar
Vicente Cientoun Paladar
10:32 14 Feb 20
Un tio estupendo y muy profesional, lo recomiendo al 100 x 100
Ana Navarro
Ana Navarro
10:23 14 Feb 20
Súper contenta con ellos,siempre están ahí para lo que necesitas,recomendado 100000x100 🤩
Valeriya Butusova
Valeriya Butusova
09:49 15 Oct 19
Estoy encantada con Alberto como mi entrenador personal. A pesar de ser online, el trato es amigable y cercano. Dispone de una aplicación interactiva, en la que puedes encontrar mucha información aparte del programa específico de entrenamiento personal. Estoy contenta con los resultados obtenidos y animada para seguir.
Hélène Doodles
Hélène Doodles
14:02 07 Aug 19
Atención personalizada y un trato cercano. Contentisima con los resultados! (Y solo estoy a medio camino!!)
Antonio Miguel Matas
Antonio Miguel Matas
09:48 02 Aug 19
Si quieres cambiar tu cuerpo y salir del sedentarismo o estás harto de no conseguir resultados visibles con tu entrenamiento te recomiendo que te pongas en manos de MrFitMan. Cómo entrenador personal he de decir que Alberto reune las características más importantes que debe tener un entrenador: motivación y saber hacer. Podrás sentir esto en persona desde tu primer entrenamiento. Sí vives en Albacete y quieres cambiar tu físico no lo dudes, ponte en manos de MrFitMan.
Marisa GM
Marisa GM
18:20 15 Jul 19
Concepto de gimnasio completamente diferente al que estamos acostumbrados. Entrenamiento personal y dirigido a tus necesidades, con corrección de posturas y "dosis de motivación" de Alberto para estar al 100% en la sesión. Completamente recomendable.
Rodrigo Ferrer
Rodrigo Ferrer
18:28 03 Jul 19
Solo puedo decir cosas buenas. Rutinas de ejercicios y dietas personalizadas combinadas con un gran trato personal. No se puede pedir más.
Beatriz Encarnacion Martinez
Beatriz Encarnacion Martinez
21:37 16 Jun 19
Un gran profesional, te motiva más y más en cada entrenamiento. En poco tiempo estoy viendo muchos progresos en mi cuerpo.
Chimo Navarro
Chimo Navarro
10:54 16 Jun 19
Mi experiencia también es muy buena he notado cambios importante en mi físico más delgado y más definido gracias Alberto por hacer cambiar de hábitos, lo mejor, buena alimentación y deporte
David Guillén
David Guillén
10:29 16 Jun 19
El mejor entrenador personal que he tenido. Buen trato, muy dedicado, profesional y se nota que sabe muy bien lo que hace.
Emilio Gisbert
Emilio Gisbert
10:27 16 Jun 19
Gran entrenador y muy buena persona. Los entrenamientos son totalmente personalizados y se amoldan perfectamente a las necesidades de cada uno. La mejor opción si lo que quieres es un entrenador que se nota que le gusta su trabajo, se lo toma en serio y hace que evoluciones tanto físicamente como mentalmente para conseguir el mayor rendimiento posible durante las actividades.

Don’t leave it for later

Signing up for the gym at the beginning of the year is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. In the same way that September sees the return of children to school, January sees the return of people to gyms. During this time gym facilities are flooded with new customers, both veteran and novice, who despite having their best intentions, often end up giving up and leaving again within no time.

Meet the best personal trainer in Altea

«My mission is that you receive personalised advice on nutrition and hypertrophy-toning training, so that you can achieve your goal in the most efficient way and in line with your needs”

entrenamiento personal online mejor entrenador personal online Alber de Nova MrFitMan entrenador personal online recomendado

«Motivation is everything and at times we lack the ability to make a commitment to ourselves and try to change the things we are not happy with. That limits us day after day.”

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